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Veterans Parade schedule for November 11 in Lindsay, Okla. to honor local veterans

The Elks Lodge is hosting the first Veterans Parade in Lindsay on November 11 starting at 11 a.m. on Main Street. All area communities are invited to join the celebration of honoring our local veterans.

 “This year the Elks Lodge wanted to include a parade in addition to our annual dinner to honor and recognize our veterans,” says Lee Martin, committee chair. “We want to celebrate all of our veterans – all of those who fought and volunteered to serve our country from all of our military branches.”

Knowing the difference between energy demand and purchasing

You may not think you need to have an understanding of energy demand and purchasing, but do you ever look at your energy bill and wonder what it all means? If your answer to that question is “yes,” then you might be interested to learn how demand impacts your utility bill.  

To start, it is important to understand how electricity is made and how it is delivered to your home.

REC's 78th Annual Meeting set

Registration for the 78th Annual Meeting of Rural Electric Cooperative will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, October 7. The meeting will be held in REC’s Multi Purpose Center on Highway 76 N in Lindsay.

Official notice, along with prize drawing information, will be arriving in the mail about 10 days prior to the meeting. Please bring this information with you to the meeting for ease in registration and to sign up for the prize drawings. 

Rounding up your monthly bill to help others in the community

Using seven guiding principles to define how Rural Electric Cooperative conducts business within the communities it serves, not only benefits REC's members, but everyone in the community. One of the seven principles is concern for community.
One of the ways REC shows concern for community is offering a program called Operation Round-Up. This program allows REC to help others in need by having the members round up their bill.