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Recently, REC’s Board of Trustees members Brent Bacon and Sonny Harrison received certificates for completing coursework to expand their knowledge base. Bacon was recognized for completing his Director Gold Credential certificate and Sonny Harrison is now a Credentialed Cooperative Director. 

The Director Gold program was created to recognize directors committed to continuing their education beyond the Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate and the Board Leadership Certificate and who demonstrates their on-going commitment to advancing their knowledge. 

All the director certificate programs are specifically designed to help electric cooperative directors, at every stage of their service, understand their roles and responsibilities. These programs help the directors stay-up-to-date on key issues and trends in the electric industry and prepare them to meet the challenges facing electric cooperatives today and in the future. 

To earn this certificate, Bacon had to complete both the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) and the Board Leadership Certificate (BLD)and three additional credits from the BLC series of courses. 

"The Director Gold Credential certificate is geared towards directors who are committed to continuing their education beyond CCD and BLC and who desire a tangible credential reinforcing their stature as part of an experienced and educated group of directors," said Dusty Ricks, CEO. "Director Gold also demonstrates to co-op members those directors' ongoing commitment to advancing their knowledge and performing their fiduciary duty to the best of their ability." 
For Bacon to maintain his Director Gold certificate he will continue education requirements including earning three credits of approved course work and/or attend conferences every two years. 

For Harrison to receive this certificate he was required to attend and demonstrate understanding of the basic competencies contained in five core courses: Director Duties and Liabilities, Understanding the Electric Business, Board Operations and Process, Strategic Planning and Financial Decision Making.

“I am encouraged by our Board's desire to continue to learn and seek additional education about the electric industry which only makes our Cooperative better,” concludes Ricks.