Alton Brown retires from REC after 43 years of service

Alton Brown retires from REC after 43 years of service

After 43 years of service Alton Brown has retired from REC. Brown started the week before he graduated from Lindsay High School at 18 years old. During his years of service, he has seen many changes.

“The biggest change I experienced during my time here was the conversion of upgrading our electric lines to 14,400 volts verses the 7,200,” explains Brown. “When I came to work, we had converted about 75 percent of the line, but I was able to see us get to 100 percent.”

Having the same voltage across the system helped speed up the time of outage restoration as well as increase reliability. 

“There have been a lot of equipment changes throughout the years - all for the better,” adds Brown. “It went fast. After I started, I got married a year later and now this chapter of my life is over.”

Being with his friends and coworkers is what Brown is going to miss the most.

“I started in the construction crew, then went to the maintenance crew, then to district,” explains Brown. “In the early days it was always fun to work together. There were many times the crews would see where each crew was working and then see if they could meet at the same spot for lunch and we would take a break and play football.”

Brown is looking forward to spending time with his wife and family during  his retirement. 

“For 42 years of marriage, REC has been my life,” says Brown. “Many times, we would have plans and either be on our way or already there and I would have to leave to go to work. She has always understood that, and I am grateful. But I am looking forward to spending more time with her.”

Brown is going to do some traveling, continue raising miniature ponies and working on his old tractors.  He also plans to help teach a class at his church as well as helping at a printing press in Wynnewood where they print bibles to give to inmates and people overseas. 

“It has been a good place to work, and I am going to miss it, but this chapter is closed and I have other things to look forward to,” concludes Brown. 

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