Jason Brown becomes a Certified Loss Control Professional

Jason Brown becomes a Certified Loss Control Professional

Rural Electric Cooperative’s Maintenance Supervisor Jason Brown has completed an intensive program in electric utility safety and loss control. The Certified Loss Control Program is a series of workshops offered by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association in conjunction with the National Utility Training and Safety Education Association. The program is designed to instruct participants in many areas related to electric utility industry safety.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nearly four million injuries occur annually in the workplace. One of the goals of a Certified Loss Control Professional is to help ensure a safe work environment for utility workers and the public in general. Avoiding workplace accidents avoids down time and can ultimately lead to lower utility rates.

Brown is one of only a few electric utility professionals in the country receiving this certification this year. The program requires participants to complete a rigorous series of seminars and tests, a 30-hour OSHA course and a detailed final course project.
Loss Control participants go through four, week-long sessions designed to challenge and educate participants in new, innovative safety techniques. Participants must also maintain their certificate by attending course every year to stay on top of changes in the industry.

Brown has been with REC for 19 years.

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