Leave electrical jobs to professionals

Leave electrical jobs to professionals

There is a little bit of a do-it-yourselfer in everyone. But some projects are best left to professionals.

Leave complicated jobs—especially those involving electricity—to the professionals. Even the most seasoned handymen stay away from jobs that could put them in danger or start a fire.

• If you do work with electricity, your tools need insulated grips.

• Switch off the circuit breaker corresponding to the project you will be working on.

• If you are repairing a lamp, appliance or other plugged-in device, unplug it before you start your work.

• Plug power tools into ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). Preventing you from getting shocked.

• If you need an extension cord for your power tool, choose one with a cord measuring less than 100 feet.

• Water and electricity do not mix, so do not use power tools in wet areas.

• If you are drilling into a wall, check you will not come into contact with electrical wires or water pipes.

• Shield your eyes and ears and suit up with heavy-duty gloves and other protective gear when you power up your tools.

• Wear sturdy, protective shoes and long pants when using power tools—even your lawn mower.

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