REC is conducting a membership survey

REC is conducting a membership survey

REC has been working with Inside Information to conduct a survey for REC’s membership. Recently, the survey was sent out to a random sample of REC’s members. 

Members who have been selected to participate in the online survey will notice an ID in the email and on the postcard. This ID is needed to complete the online survey. Here are few tips to remember when taking the online survey:

• When entering the ID number enter just numbers and no spaces
• Look for the address bar to enter your address
• For direct access to the survey use the link on printed on the postcard 
• Members who do not have internet access, call our office

Not all of our members will be selected for the online survey, some members will be asked to participate by phone. 

Participating in the survey allows us to gain information on how to better serve our members. For questions, contact the Member Services Department at 405-756-3104 ext. 238.

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