REC hires Davey Resource Group system inventory project

REC hires Davey Resource Group system inventory project

Recently, REC hired Davey Resource Group to conduct a system inventory. The system inventory will allow for REC to better know exactly what is in the field and update our maps with the proper information to better serve the members.

“The impacts of the system inventory are wide reaching for the co-op,” Manager of Engineering Jon Jones explains. “It will help with maintenance and efficiency of our system, outage reliability, member service and record keeping. The system inventory would even help during times of outages. Having accurate information on our maps would allow for better outage detection and faster restoration in the process. Our maps are used daily not just by our linemen in the field, but by all of our employees. It is vital we have accurate information for all of our employees.”

Starting the end of June, Davey Resource Group will begin the project on the Lindsay Substation, beginning with the east feeder. After completely the Lindsay Substation, they will then move to the following substations: Bradley, Loafman, Maysville 1 and Maysville 2, Farwell, Rush Springs, Owens Prairie 1 and Owens Prairie 2, Naples, Criner, Elmore City, Paoli, Eola and Baseline.

Members will receive a letter from REC before Davey will begin working on their substation, allowing for members a better time line of when to expect to see workers in their area. All Davey Resource Group employees will easily be recognized with the Davey logo on their apparel, vehicles and ID badge. All of their vehicles are white and they will have ATVs with an "REC Contractor" license plate on the front of the ATV.

The Davey employees will work on one substation at a time before moving to another location and will work meter to meter. The average amount of time spent at each meter is less than 15 minutes. They will work starting at 7:30 a.m. to sundown Monday through Friday and may work on Saturdays. The project should take 12 months to complete.

“We are excited to work with Davey Resource Group and this opportunity to improve our daily practices and serve our members better,” Jones adds.

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