REC's 82nd Annual Meeting set for October 2nd as a drive-thru

REC's 82nd Annual Meeting set for October 2nd as a drive-thru

REC members are invited for the drive-thru 82nd Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 2nd from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. The meeting will be held at REC's Multi Purpose Center on Highway 76 North in Lindsay. An early drive-thru registration will be held on Thursday, September 30th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at REC's Multi Purpose Center. 

On both September 30th  and October 2nd, members will stay in their vehicles and enter the circle driveway of the Multi Purpose Center off of Highway 76 North and go through the registration lines. The official notice along with prize drawing information and the official ballot, will be arriving in the mail about 10 days prior to the meeting. Members should bring their registration card, prize drawing card and ballot to help with the ease in the registration process. 

While registering, an REC employee will take the prize drawing card and place it in the hopper for the registering member to be entered for the prize drawing. Ballot boxes will also be at the registration station for members to vote for REC's Board of Trustees. Each registering member will automatically receive a $25 bill credit in addition to their registration gift.

Registration gifts include: an REC baseball cap, a two in one pop-up LED flame lantern, a flexible cutting board, LED bulb, a calendar, 2022 Farmers’ Almanac and an ink pen.

After registering, members will drive around the MPC to collect their registration bag and exit onto REC Boulevard and head back towards Highway 76 North. On both days, members should plan to enter the Multi Purpose Center from the gated entrance off of Highway 76 traveling north and then exit back to Highway 76 and head north.

At the end of registration on October 2nd, the prize drawings will begin. REC will award seventy-five, $75 gift certificates for electricity and three grand prize drawings of $500 gift certificates for electricity. REC's Credentials and Elections Committee will draw for the prize drawings. The drawing will be done live on REC's Facebook page and the winners will be published on Facebook and in the next addition of the "Co-op Comments". 

Members can visit REC's website,, and under the Annual Meeting tab find the minutes from the 81st Annual Meeting, the Annual Report from the 81st Annual Meeting, the Annual Report for the 82nd Annual Meeting and video reports from Board President, Gary Jones and CEO Dusty Ricks. 

For more information about the 82nd Annual Meeting, call 405-756-3104 ext. 238.

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