REC's Nominating Committee is scheduled to meet in June

REC's Nominating Committee is scheduled to meet in June

The 2020 Nominating Committee will meet in June to select candidates for Rural Electric Cooperative’s Board of Trustees. As defined in the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee selects at least three members-one from each district-as candidates for the Board of Trustees. 

The Nominating Committee consists of nine members - three members from each of REC's three board districts. A minimum of one representative from each district must be in attendance at the meeting to constitute a quorum and conduct business. The committee shall nominate at least one candidate for each office to be filled. 

Guidelines for nominations and election of Trustees are contained in Article Three (3), Section Seven (7) of REC’s Bylaws. Copies of Bylaws are available upon request at REC’s headquarters.

Candidates for the Board of Trustees are voted on at REC’s 81st Annual Meeting held on Saturday, October 3, 2020. The meeting will be held in REC’s Multi Purpose Center located north of Lindsay on State Highway 76.

Additional nominations may be submitted by petition with any 50 or more members of the Cooperative, acting together, in writing over their signatures. Any such nomination shall list the candidate’s name with necessary signatures and be filed with the Cooperative at least 120 days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Membership.

A list of candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee and by petition shall be filed in the office of the Cooperative and posted at the main entrance of the Cooperative’s headquarters in Lindsay, Oklahoma at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting. 

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