Remembering Manager Dale Nye

Remembering Manager Dale Nye

Electric cooperative ties ran deep with Dale Nye, former Manager and CEO of Rural Electric Cooperative. It all started with his wife Leschen, as she started working at Central Rural Electric Cooperative in Stillwater while Dale was in college. Later Leschen would come to work at REC and remain until Nye became the Manager in 2005. 

He received his associate's from Murray State College, bachelor’s from Oklahoma State University and his masters from East Central University. Nye taught agricultural education for 10 years before serving for 22 years in several roles at Mid-America Technology Center including working his way to Superintendent.

For the past 15 years, Nye would serve as the Manager and CEO of Rural Electric. He enjoyed working with the members and seeing the people. He was proud of the Board of Trustees decision to strongly support the youth in our area and spoke about the long legacy the youth programs at REC had on the students. Nye would reflect on his younger days and remembered receiving a letter from REC saying he was not a finalist for the Youth Tour competition. While he was not a finalist, he found value in the process and would advocate the importance of these programs. After becoming the Manager, he found that letter and hung it in his office.

Nye enjoyed coming to work and interacting with the employees and often joked about his first task as Manager was to fire his wife. He liked being able to get out and see our linemen working in the field or sitting back in dispatch listening to the calls. 
He took pride in the Cooperative’s principles and was proud to live and work in the community in which he grew up.  

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