Robbins retires after 42 years

Robbins retires after 42 years

“Whether it is a good day or a bad day it is up to you,” is not only a favorite quote for Stoney Robbins, but it is also a quote he is known to say. After 42 years of laughter and joking, Stoney Robbins has retired from REC. His story telling abilities and making others around him feel at ease with a smile is something in which he will be remembered. 

Robbins started as a Groundman in 1980 and worked his way to become a Journeyman Line Worker. He also worked in the Purchasing Department for two years before returning to the Maintenance Crew. In the last 13 years of service, Robbins worked as a Line Locator.

“The one thing without a doubt I will miss is aggravating the guys and trying to get them to loosen up and have fun,” Robbins says. “My whole life I have been part of a team with sports and REC is a team and a family and not being a part of that every day is what I will miss the most.”

He plans to stay busy with his cattle, horses and bucking bulls. 

“I have about 600 acres to keep me busy and it will with my 70 momma cows but if I really need something to do, my bass boat is ready to go,” jokes Robbins. “I will help my wife at her store, if she needs me and spend time with my family.”

Robbins also has some exciting things to look forward to with his family including an upcoming wedding for his daughter Tess and spending time with his granddaughter Emma.

"My granddaughter is kind of a wild one," Robbins adds. "I think she will want to ride a horse so I will have a horse ready for her."

While Robbins has things to look forward to in retirement, he will always remember events like ice storms where the employees all come together.

“We have always been very close knit and I will always remember even the worst times where we work continuous for multiple days without much sleep, not once would you hear the guys complain about helping each other,” Robbins adds. “We would all come together and help each other and those are the memories that will always come to mind when I think about REC and how we really are a family.”

He will continue to hold the memories close and all who he was able to reach with his humor as he moves into retirement and the next chapter of his life, because whether it is a good day or a bad day is up to you.

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