Tree giveaway set for February 13

Tree giveaway set for February 13

Having over 2,900 miles of electric distribution lines, clearing trees for Rural Electric Cooperative is an on-going project. One of the ways REC can provide reliable, affordable electric power is through its right-of-way clearing program which includes pruning, removals and chemical control. In addition to removing trees, REC crews also prune new growth during their daily routines.

REC’s tree giveaway program helps replace trees the Cooperative must remove from under its power lines. These trees are provided to the members as a way for the Cooperative to help replace one of our natural resources.
Rural Electric Cooperative’s annual tree giveaway for the members will be held Saturday, February 13 beginning at 8 a.m.

Employees of REC will be in Lindsay, Elmore City, Maysville and Rush Springs to give members trees during the Cooperative’s Operation Tree Planting/Replacement Program. Each member will each receive up to ten trees.

Employees of the Cooperative will be across from Walmart on north side of the Highway 19 in between M&M Oil Supply and Venture Pipe in Lindsay; in front of the office of Kyle Jones Community Insurance Agency in Rush Springs, located at 303 W. Blakely Street; the parking lot of Worth Every Bite in Maysville, located at 314 6th Street and the parking area of Speedy G’s in Elmore City, located at 22964 Highway 29.

The types of trees available are Loblolly Pines and Sawtooth Oaks.

Loblolly Pines are one of the most common pine trees. This North American native has dark green needles with narrow, red-brown pinecones about three to six inches long. These trees grow to be about 60’ to 90’ tall and have a spread of 25’ to 35’ wide once they reach maturity.

Sawtooth Oak is one of the fastest growing trees in its youth. It is an attractive shade tree with dark lustrous summer foliage and clear yellow to golden brown fall leaves. These trees grow to be 40’ to 60’ tall and have a spread of 40’ to 60’ wide.

The Cooperative requests members to not plant trees any closer than 30 feet of our electric power lines. This will allow the trees to mature without requiring trimming or removal in the future.

Members should contact our office at 405-756-3104 ext.238 for additional information.

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