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Holiday decorating tips for an energy-conscious home

Whether you have already decked your halls or you are just getting started, there is still time to incorporate energy savings into your holiday décor planning. 

If you have not strung your twinkle lights, be sure to use LED light strands. LEDs consume far less energy than incandescent lights and they can last 40 holiday seasons. They are also safer because they are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, making them more resistant to breaking – and they are cool to the touch, so no burnt fingers. 

Another successful drive-thru Annual Meeting for Rural Electric

REC's 82nd Annual Meeting brought 869 members to drive through the Multi-Purpose Center to register and vote. Members were encouraged to visit REC's website to hear the reports from Board of Trustees President Gary Jones and CEO Dusty Ricks.

As members drove through the MPC parking lot, each registering member received a $25 bill credit, were entered into the prize drawing, dropped off their ballot and received their registration gift.