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There are seven guiding principles which define how Rural Electric Cooperative conducts business within the communities it serves. These principles can be felt not only by REC's members, but everyone in the communities the Cooperative serves, especially principle number seven: Concern for Community. 

One of the ways REC shows concern for community is offering a program called Operation Round-Up. This program allows REC to help others in need by having the members round up their monthly bill to the next dollar amount.

The Operation Round-Up program is voluntary for REC members who desire to round up their monthly bill to the next dollar amount. The difference between the actual bill and the next dollar amount is “ear-marked” for use by the Operation Round-Up Board to assist those who qualify according to the rules and regulations of the program. For REC to use the rounded up amount, the member needs to be signed up to participate in Operation Round-Up.

Operation Round-Up has provided thousands of dollars in assistance to individuals and organizations throughout this area. People with medical needs, those who have lost homes to fires and natural disasters and non-profit organizations have benefited from this program.

Donations can be made from one account or multiple accounts. The average yearly contribution from each participating cooperative member is about $6. The most a member would contribute each year is less than $11.88 per year per account and the least is zero cents. Members can also make a donation larger than the change amount to the nearest dollar. 

Since starting in 1999, the funds donated for Operation Round-Up have helped more than 110 families in our area. 

The Operation Round-Up Board consists of five individuals who reside in REC's service territory and have a desire to help others. The Board evaluates each application and determines the need for the applicants. 

REC cares about helping everyone in need throughout our service territory. By providing the Operation Round-Up program, REC is able to specifically help area residents who have suffered some type of catastrophe and have no insurance or inadequate coverage. In addition to helping individuals, Operation Round-Up also provides financial funds to non-profit organizations throughout the service area as well to assist with special projects to benefit the area. 

In the past, Operation Round-Up has helped an area family who had lost their home and all of its contents. The family was not adequately insured so the Board of Operation Round-Up approved $1,000 to help this family purchase household items and clothing. Also, they have assisted several senior citizen centers by helping purchase necessary food.

If you are not participating in this program, you are encouraged to sign up now to help your neighbors and local organizations in their time of need. All the contributions are tax deductible and participation is voluntary. Members who are interested in this program must notify REC's office for you to be added to Operation Round-Up. 

Anyone needing additional information about this program should contact REC’s Member Services Department at 1-800-259-3504 or 405-756-3104, extension 238.