Volunteer at your electric cooperative

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Have you ever started a project or even a business with a friend? Co-signed a loan for your adult child? Partnered with a group to plan a surprise party for someone?

If so, you know the importance of taking ownership of the success of the venture. Taking an active role in making sure the business ran smoothly and made money; your kid was making payments on time; or the reservations and orders for the party were on track for delivery.

Consumers who get their electricity from the electric cooperative are known as “consumer-members.” A cooperative is a membership organization, and every household who is receiving power from the cooperative “belongs” to it.

In fact, the Board of Trustees are made up of consumer-members like you. 

Not for you? Consumer-members also get to vote for their neighbors who they think will do the best job as a Board of Trustee member.

Your Cooperative holds an annual membership meeting, where you can meet the employees and socialize with your neighbors while hearing how the Cooperative is faring.
Your Cooperative offers lots of ways to get involved, from serving on committees to helping other members.

Make a New Year’s resolution to get involved with your Cooperative.

You own it, after all.