To obtain electrical service please fill out the form below. Residential members may be subject to an up-front $400 deposit and a $5 membership fee. This information requested below is of a confidential nature. Rural Electric Cooperative will use this information to assist in determining the security deposit to be paid for collection purposes. Any false information may result in the termination of your service. Please complete the form.

For additional information or assistance please contact REC at 800-259-3504 or 405-756-3104.

Residential New Service Request

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I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Rural Electric Cooperative in Lindsay, Oklahoma. By submitting this application request, I grant permission for Rural Electric Cooperative, to obtain a credit report (if necessary) at no cost to the applicant(s). I/We understand if such credit report indicates, an additional security deposit may be required of the applicant(s). I/We agree, in order for Rural Electric Cooperative, our agents or contractors to service your account or to collect any amount you may owe, we may contact you by telephone which includes any telephone number associated with your account, wireless messages or emails, using any email address associated with your account. Methods of contact may include using pre-recorded or artificial voice messages and/or the use of an automatic dialing as applicable.
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